Only in the child

Only in the child Lacks them in representation Latitudes of the horizons of the nature.

Only in the child it is shown ve it.

the nature which, giving freedom and independence, gives '.

HI n.

Also it gives it, conforming to the invariable rules, kasa I ShIMSYa of age and requirements of an individual.

Freedom priro I I ic laei law of life: be free или^умрешь!


number, I believe, the way of the nature offers us the help, NONUYU basis for interpretation of social life.

As if the growing child opened for us all picture, from which we borrowed in our social life only not however to insignificant details.

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Inspection Inspection showed that R.

's Mrs.

almost constantly set to the girl questions: How are you doing?

, As was at school?

, That you now do?

, Why you took my cosmetics?

, That you are going to do after that?

, Unless you do not want to be good?

, Why you tell a lie?

We trained it not to ask any questions, replacing them or Yastatements, or it is simple silence.

In other words, it stopped provoking Cathie's lie.

We asked it to react also to any as much as unusual stories with expression of original interest as though she felt: It interestingly!

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And not to confuse

And not to confuse Talk to the child about it.

It has to acquire precisely that to be afraid normally for the living being that it is a selfpreservation instinct.

It is not a shame to be afraid, and it is important to overcome the fear at the right time.

And not to confuse heroism to stupidity.

For the sake of what you do it?

here a question which should be set more often to children.

Think, what will be if you make so?

Many children are not able to count consequences of the acts simply it does not come to their mind.

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But before

But before There can just be what you ceased to react so to them, and changes her behavior?

You, of course, are right Annie told.

Having a little thought, she added: If what I do not react and I am not upset, changes Mary's behavior, maybe, it will change even more if I do not pay to her harmful features any attention in general?

Perhaps, to try from tomorrow?

Quite good idea mother agreed.

But before you will begin it, it will be useful for you to learn something else.

And what exactly?

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At the age of seven

At the age of seven Such behavior generated a set of problems at various schools where he studied.

At the age of seven years made it the diagnosis autism, having noted and many other psychotic symptoms, such as lack of attachment to mother, cycling on separate subjects, damage of things of the house.

His speech was poorly controlled, representing a chaotic flow of words.

At the same time it all plunged into negativism and isolation more deeply.

Then the assumption was born that Martin would manage to escape from the detachment and to return to the real world if only it could find in it satisfactory personal, in private, relationship.

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